Zero Gravity skatepark is the largest indoor skatepark in the north west of Ireland since 2015. Owned and run by local man Neville Dunbar, who as a skateer himself took the initiative to create this 4,200 square foot state of the art skatepark once he realised none existed in the north west. Through his love and enjoyment of the sport he has now made it into a career and since this skatepark is rider owned and rider run it means our facilities are designed and built by people who use them everyday.

Situated in the heart of Sligo our skatepark offers to a wide range of customers from skateboarders to bmx riders to scooter and rollerblade riders. Our skatepark is built to facilitate all levels of abilities from beginners to professionals. We offer lessons, facilitate parties and run camps over Easter and Summer. The skatepark also contains a room upstairs which is perfect for hosting parties.

Designed and built by the legendary skateboarder that is Mike Keane, our state of the art skatepark has been built with the highest grade of timber and beautifully finished with the final layer of birch plywood. The skatepark features a bowl corner with a street section which contains banks and rails not to mention thee many more ramp features.