Zero Gravity is all about building a better community in Sligo town.  We believe in creating a safe and friendly environment for all to enjoy.  Everyone is welcome and we will do our very best to support you and cater for your needs.  No matter how old or young, we have a team of passionate athletes who will gladly provide support, tips and lessons to help improve your riding abilities.  Zero Gravity is the perfect place to get fit, build confidence, make friends and develop a healthier lifestyle. 


We are a dedicated team of professional and semi-professional athletes committed to our sports: stunt scooter, skateboarder, bmx, rollerblade.  We host competitions and events to showcase and celebrate our riders performance.  Think you have the skills to join our team?  Come show us what you got!  We are always on the lookout for fresh talent.  The Zero Gravity Team is here to support and train everyone at all levels.  Come learn new tricks and skills from our passionate team members.


Zero Gravity Skatepark, Sligo is the only indoor skatepark in the beautiful north west of Ireland. We opened our doors in May 2015. Owned and run by local skater Neville Dunbar, who took the initiative to create this 4,200 square foot state of the art skatepark. Originally designed and built by skatepark builder Mike Keane from Dublin, having built most of the indoor facilities around Ireland, Mike was paramount in the construction of the park. Built with the highest grade timber and beautifully finished with the final layer of birch plywood.

Our skatepark is purpose built to facilitate all levels, from beginners to professionals and we offer classes and slots for all levels and all disciplines: stunt scooters, skateboarders, bmx, roller-skates and rollerbladers.


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